Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Holidays! Synthetic-"Winter" LP

Hey friends I have a new album available for download at 20kbps rec. at a bit-rate of 32 kbps, and from OUIM.net at 256-320 kbps VBR. It is a selection of mind-numbingly chill music to make you dance or get mellow. 4 dance numbers and 2 very ambient soundscapes for your enjoyment. I cannot easily put the dance numbers into one category, there are elements of IDM, trip hop, ambient, illbient and motorik. 5 of the songs are variations on 2 different themes. The odd track out "Birds Of Doom Winter Dance" is based around a recording of a music software malfunction. "Snow Angels" is a 50+ minute soundscape which I created by stretching a Synthetic tune 5 times in length using Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch software.
32 kbps version
256-320 kbps VBR version

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