Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ella Mae Morse-Barrelhouse, Boogie & The Blues LP

What you see pictured here is an EP by the legendary Ella Mae Morse. She was one of the most versatile and talented singers of her era. She could sing blues, pop, swing, boogie, ballads and even rock & roll. She recorded the very first single for Capitol records, "Cow Cow Boogie" and it was a big success. She started recording as a teenager, and really developed quickly into a phenomenal singer. Her popularity was mainly in the early 1940s. This album was one of her few LPs and it shows her full range as a performer. Her band leader during this era was "Big Dave" Cavanaugh. As far as I know this LP in it's original lineup has never been released on CD. There is a box set of the same name, that is basically everything she ever recorded with Capitol records. I have a copy of the EP seen here, and found the additional tracks needed to make up the complete LP she issued in the mid 1950's. I picked 3 more tracks that seemed to go well with the original LP and am offering it here for your enjoyment. If you have the money to spare, get the box set on Bear Family records, or a used copy of the Capitol Collector's Series it is highly recommended. My vinyl copy has a lot of hiss that is unpleasant so I am offering a version with songs taken from CD.

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UPDATE, I just found out someone is sharing the actual vinyl version of this 10" EP, so if you'd like to hear it from vinyl please visit the real cool blog called Big 10-inch record