Friday, February 15, 2013

In April of 1950, Satchmo and his all stars recorded 10 songs in New York City that were intended to be mainly for inclusion on an LP album.  The songs were recorded over just 2 days, and are in my opinion, their best studio set ever.  Every song is quality material, played with an abundance of energy.  Many of the songs are longer than the average 3-4 minute singles he usually recorded, the goal, I believe, was to make a unique double LP of long jamming songs.  Sadly, many of these songs were cut in half to be issued as singles, and no album of these 10 tunes together has ever been released.  This great era of Satchmo's career is somewhat obscure.  So I have searched for over a year for the finest CD masters of these tracks, and then remixed them slightly to improve sound quality further.  So basically this is a fictional album that should have been.  I made the front cover artwork in a mock 50s style illustration, and added a Decca logo from roughly that time period.  These songs are some of Satchmo's most rocking and jamming studio recordings of his career.  They show that being "middle-aged" doesn't have to mean slowed down or mellowed.  Even the mellow songs often end up rocking out before they are over, like in the song, "I Surrender Dear".  There are plenty of fine drum solos by Cozy Cole, and even a bass solo or two.  It's also quite nice to hear Earl Hines piano in a high fidelity setting.  I highly recommend you buy the album called New Orleans Nights, it has some of these fine songs from these recording dates.  I remixed my tracks from the Out of print Mosaic box set, I reduced the loudness and distortion, and added a pinch of reverb to compensate for the noise reduction that Mosaic used. Finally the songs were Equalized to reduce distortion of the highs and bass frequencies, and hopefully make the quieter instruments stand out better.
Song Listing: Panama, New Orleans Function, Twelfth Street Rag, That's For Me, Bugle Call Rag / Ole Miss, I Surrender Dear, Russian Lullaby, Baby Won't You Please Come Home? Fine And Dandy, My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Fine And Dandy Part 1 FLAC
Fine And Dandy Part 2 FLAC