Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kinks Synthetic Fan Mix 3 - The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

This is the final Kinks' album that I have made a special fan mix of, it comes from 4 different digital sources. It was reported that Ray Davies had considered making this a double album when it originally came out. This mix consists of 31 tracks and nearly fills an 80 minute CD. The songs flow together with overlaps, everything is remixed with altered panning and equalization. The Kick drum comes across more clearly than usual, and the hiss from vocals is reduced. This should not replace a real CD of this incredible album. I hope these fan mixes will increase people's desire to buy am authentic copy. This will be offered for a limited time only it is in high quality FLAC format.

Village Green Fan Mix Part 1

Village Green Fan Mix Part 2

Kinks Synthetic Fan Mix 2 - Something Else

After completing a fan mix of Face To Face, I decided to do the same with Something Else By The Kinks. This is remixed from about 5 different digital sources. This is mainly from the stereo sources though the separation is reduced, songs are given a new equalization, and sometimes the panning is changed. Once again the songs overlap slightly, to increase the concept album feeling. Every song has been remixed somewhat so it hopefully won't replace an actual CD of this album. As with my other fan mixes, there are lots of related bonus tracks that were remixed as well. This is in high quality FLAC, if you burn it to CD the songs will flow seamlessly like they should. I will probably only offer this for a short time so as to not upset the labels that have issued the proper versions of this album.

Something Else Fan Mix Download