Friday, September 23, 2011

Non-Dairy Creamer (Loss Leaders Sampler)

Non-Dairy creamer was the eighth Loss Leader sampler from Warner/Reprise records, it came out in 1971. This sampler was mainly to introduce listeners to some of the labels newer acts such as Little Feat, Curved Air and Brownsville Station (to Name a few). I took the liberty of adding 12 more tracks to this compilation by artists like Deep Purple, Captain Beefheart and Van Morrison. The front artwork is a cropped scan of actual cover, and back art is new to this compilation, made to fit CD size format. Track listing is

1. Little Feat - Snakes On Everything
2. Rosebud - Panama
3. Peter Green - Hidden Depth
4. Curved Air - It Happened Today
5. Tony Joe White - Five Summers For Jimmy
6. John & Beverly Martyn - Primrose Hill
7. Ohio Knox - Pound Or My Dog Dad For Robert Downey (A Prince)
8. Jeffrey Cain - Mr. Governor
9. Zephyr - Going Back To Colorado
10. Ron Nagle - Family Style
11. Brownsville Station - Rumble
12. Deep Purple - The Mule
13. The Ides Of March - Factory Band
14. Hard Meat - On The Road
15. John Simon - Tannenbaum
16. Ry Cooder - Dark Is The Night
17. Essra Mohawk - It's Up To Me
18. Lovecraft - Take Me By The Hand
19. Sweetwater - In A Rainbow
20. Pentangle - A Maid That's Deep In Love
21. Captain Beefheart - The Smithsonian Institute Blues
22. Van Morrison - Domino
23. Don Rickles - Comedy Excerpt

Tracks come from Vinyl and CD sources, compiled by Steve E Denver aka Synthetic

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