Sunday, February 20, 2011

Earl Grant - Just For A Thrill (Instrumental favorites)

I purchased this album for only a dollar a few weeks ago. I gave it a listen a few days ago and had to make a recording. I figured the music would be good, since I knew Grant was a very talented musical performer. What I didn't expect was for the fidelity to be so stunning. It sounded like Earl had a small Jazz combo performing right in front of me. The recordings had less distortion than on his major label CD compilation. The record doesn't say who produced and engineered but they did a superb job. He has a wonderful small combo on this album, and I'm betting the saxophone work is by Plas Johnson, since he worked on a previous Grant album. This album really gives the feeling of being in a cool bar very late at night. He does mainly old standards, but gives them a nice touch of hipness. I used a Stanton turntable and cartridge and recorded on a Roland Edirol. I gave it some equalization to boost the low end and soften the highs a bit, but didn't use noise reduction. I am offering it in both FLAC and 320 KBPS MP3 formats. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I am. Earl was a rare talent, and has been unfairly forgotten by many of us. I also stretched 2 of the songs and included those versions as well.

FLAC version

MP3 version