Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blue Cat Cinema - EP1

I am in a rather eclectic recording project with a very ambitious nephew of mine. This is our first album, EP1 which incorporates a strange blend of old and new styles and sounds. A musician friend from Slovakia described the feeling as "swimming in the air" which I liked quite a bit. We are attempting to be both experimental and poppy (in more of a mid 1960s sense). If you like music by Cornelius, Minotaur Shock and Plaid chances are you will dig this too. We are pleased to be on the French net-label Vaatican Records, where we are label mates with the Japanese group Satanicpornocultshop. I will give 2 links here, one for the album as we sent it to Vaatican (with 5-6 art files included), and one for the album as Vaatican has published (with their preferred cover art).

Extra art version

Vaatican version