Monday, June 30, 2008

More music from "Until The End Of The World"

A few months ago, I started talking to Kevin Sartori creator of the great blog, Psychotic Leisure Music (One of the biggest inspirations for my blog). We decided to pool our resources and come up with as many of the songs from UTEOFTW as we could find. Together we came up with most every song that was on that fine film including the music that the actors made. Now the official OST is still in print so we decided not to offer the complete collection we assembled, but it did seem appropriate to offer the songs that aren't on the OST. So here is a link to a file of nearly everything that was on the film that isn't already on the OST or the unreleased score (which you can get at Psychotic Leisure Music). This collection does feature a few of Graeme Revell's unreleased score tracks, all of the AKA Pygmy music, aboriginal music and most of the actor's jams. Combine this with the official OST and score and you have almost everything that was on this fine film. Thanks again to Kevin for his fine contributions to this project, be sure and get the unreleased score from his fine blog.

Download Missing From UTEOTW
check out unreleased score

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Crazy Beat Of gene Vincent (1963)

This excellent album went out of print very soon after it's release and has not ever made it to CD in the US. The recording sessions vary in age quite a bit. Lonesome Boy was recorded about the same time that Eddie Cochran was helping him out, while Weeping Willow and some others were recorded after Eddie's tragic death. Although it is one of his less cohesive LPs, it is a great one nonetheless and deserves to be heard in High Fidelity. The download is a 256 kbps copy of songs that appeared on The Gene Vincent Box Set of Capitol and Columbia recordings, it is recommended highly. The tracks leave on extraneous material like studio talk, and an occasional false start. I also added 2 bonus tracks and 2 alternate takes. This album boasts a huge number of respected musicians and session players from both The United States and Europe. It features at least 2 eras of Blue Caps as well as Sounds Incorporated (who played on The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Album). Weeping Willow is a British all-star tribute to the recently deceased Eddie Cochran. I hope you'll enjoy this LP as much as I do. Notice that the production, arrangements and vocal performances exceed that of the early 60's British Invasion groups in sophistication. The Beatles wouldn't come close to this level of excellence until the mid to late 60's. I own every song Vincent has released during his lifetime with the exception of his last 2 LPs for the Kama Sutra label. If anyone has those albums they want to share let me know please.

Download 256 kbps