Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blind Willie Johnson -Dark Was The Night Remix

Blind Willie Johnson-Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground) remixed by Synthetic. I stumbled onto this fine recording artist from the late 1920's after hearing Wim Wender's commentary on his masterpiece film, Paris Texas. This song really moves me on several different levels, and I never tire of hearing it, so I hope this remix will do it some justice. Buy the album "Dark Was The Night" from CBS/Legacy, it is a fine collection. This song is virtually without lyrics, yet it conveys raw human emotion so powerfully. Also there is an otherworldly quality to Johnson that makes me feel like I am hearing deep testimonies from beyond the grave. I intended for this remix to draw out the raw emotion, and the otherworldly quality as well. The remix is only intended to make people more aware of BWJ and not for self promotion, I will not be offering this song on any profit albums, and will remove link upon request of any person (with the exception of anonymous persons).
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colab said...

I left this comment in e-mail, but figured I'd post it here too.
This is one hell of a track. I think you completely hit the mark in what you intended to do based on your write-up.


When i saw that it was 8 minutes, I had expected to have to skip through it to get a listen, but I was transfixed. Really quite something. The build-up is just outstanding.

This is literally a perfect movie soundtrack. No ifs or buts or tweaks needed. Just a perfect soundtrack. I'm seeing "Capote" playing when I'm listening. The remote farmhouse. Very powerful track. It deserves more playtime, but I'm not sure how you can swing that without risking getting into trouble.

drfeelgoed said...

I heard this song first too through the Paris Texas movie, brilliant.
Great remix, very atmospheric.
I looked in the tag of this track & it mentions that this is No. 4 of 5, does that mean you made 4 other remixes? If so, i'd love to hear them.

Unknown said...


I really liked your version of this classic. I downloaded it years ago, enjoyed it ... and lost it. Now It's not accessible anymore. Do you still have it and can upload it again?

Thanx for your creations.

Steve Engler said...

I will look for it, I do have it somewhere, thanks for the nice comments.

Steve Engler said...

OK I have it up again,

Unknown said...

Oh, thanx alot!
I guess you know but there is a quite nice compilation called "Dark Was the Night".
On wikipedia here.
Some nice collaborations and a version of the song by Kronos Quartet.

Steve Engler said...

That is a great sampler.