Monday, November 5, 2007

Gene Vincent - Pretty Girls Everywhere

This is my favorite obscure track performed by the late great legend of rock & roll, Gene Vincent. This was recorded in 1965 for a BBC radio program, his backing band is The Puppets, who are probably the least famous backing band Gene ever worked with. Sad, because their playing is in top form here, and the drum beat is one of my favorites of all time, the variety of difficult drum rolls really keeps the song moving. Gene is singing particularly skillfully on this cut, hopping from rich baritone to high falsetto seamlessly. Almost all of gene's music is in print, I would love to share his best works with the world, but alas it's all in print. This song however doesn't appear on any major label box sets so I think it should be kosher to share this. The song can be found on Rebel Heart and Blue 'Gene' Bop CDs offered by indie labels, and hopefully in higher fidelity than my version, but I can't promise that. I've heard 3 different sources for this song, and they all sound as if lifted from an acetate demo copy. I heartily recommend Shakin' Up A Storm though because it gives a full album of Gene with the unfairly forgotten backing band The Shouts. Also Blue 'Gene' Bop has many rare live BBC recordings with many fine British backing bands. Please look around for a collection of this legend's greatest hits, you won't be disappointed.
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