Monday, March 24, 2008

Can-Out Of Reach (1978)

This is the second to final Can album before the musicians took about a decade off for side and solo projects, it is also the only album to have no involvement from Holger Czukay. I assume it is the last fact that makes this album the only one of their original releases to not be in print. It is very unfortunate that Czukay is not on this album, but it is still a fine piece of work. there are 4 songs that I feel still capture that audio magic that these fine musicians were so capable of conjuring. Michael Karoli's guitar solos on the songs Serpentine, November and Seven Days Awake stack up along with some of his finest recorded moments. The rhythm section delivers exceptional playing as well as keyboardist Irmin Scmidt. Rumor has it that Jaki Liebzeit had a very limited role on this album, but he is credited on 5 of the 7 songs, so I tend to feel that rumor is false. This version originally comes from the old TKO magnum CD release which unfortunately was taken from a so-so vinyl copy. I went and remixed these tracks so that the high end is brought out more, and I increased the stereo separation as well. The cover art here was also taken from that CD but was retouched to look more like the original 1978 release. I Hope you will enjoy it like I do.

Download Can-Out Of Reach

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Album Art

I restored some classic record covers to print up for CD size. I don't have my own scanner, so I had to use the best versions I could find. So none of it is high Resolution. Hopefully it may prove useful or entertaining regardless. These are all great LPs and highly recommended for purchase. Two covers here are collages that I made to be used for whatever. Click on the 2 panel covers to see them in CD size. I hope to get better at this when I have a scanner and a program more sophisticated than Window's Paint. If you use these scans on your website, please give me a mention, thanks! the top picture is courtesy of a great blogspot called Xtabay's World.