Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chrome-Raining Milk (Revisited)

Chrome was a very dynamic group that formed in San Francisco in the late 70s. Their sound incorporated Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic, Post Punk, Gothic, Kraut Rock and Industrial. I discovered this group through Ralph Records, although they are not actually on that label. This is the last music the classic line-up of Chrome made before a long split up. It was recorded at San Francisco's famous Hyde Street Studios. This is the first album I bought by the group back in the early 80's. It took around 25 years for me to really appreciate the group, but I am a huge fan now. This album is generally considered to be their worst LP, but I have a soft spot for it since it is the first one I heard by them, plus the music is still top notch. The album was issued with incorrect track listing, a deceptively titled song and abridged mixes of songs that previously appeared on the albums "Chronicles 1" and "Chronicles 2". That is the main reason it is not a highly regarded album, however the music is still first rate. I seem to have lost my original vinyl copy of this album, so I downloaded a version on Demonoid (RIP). It was created using the original unedited Chronicles versions of the songs and was taken off pristine vinyl. So, although this isn't actually what the album sounded like exactly, it is the same songs, just properly titled and not edited for time. I added "Future Ghosts" as a bonus track. For those that want an abridged version taken from CD sources, I am offering that as well, it is nearly identical to the original LP. I can't remember the name of the man who shared the long version at Demonoid, but thank you again whoever you are. The top cover shown is from the original 1983 release the lower cover was assembled by me to accompany the revisited 75+ minute version.

Download 75+ Minute Version (From Vinyl)

Download 40+ Minute Version (From CD)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blind Willie Johnson -Dark Was The Night Remix

Blind Willie Johnson-Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground) remixed by Synthetic. I stumbled onto this fine recording artist from the late 1920's after hearing Wim Wender's commentary on his masterpiece film, Paris Texas. This song really moves me on several different levels, and I never tire of hearing it, so I hope this remix will do it some justice. Buy the album "Dark Was The Night" from CBS/Legacy, it is a fine collection. This song is virtually without lyrics, yet it conveys raw human emotion so powerfully. Also there is an otherworldly quality to Johnson that makes me feel like I am hearing deep testimonies from beyond the grave. I intended for this remix to draw out the raw emotion, and the otherworldly quality as well. The remix is only intended to make people more aware of BWJ and not for self promotion, I will not be offering this song on any profit albums, and will remove link upon request of any person (with the exception of anonymous persons).
Download Remix

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Old Skull-Get Outta School (1989)

These 3 Wisconsin tykes with the help of their dads Vernon Toulon and Robin Davies (who had both been punk musicians) got a recording contract with Restless records. The result was an album that some consider to be pure garbage, but I've always liked this one. For me, the main thing I like about old School punk is the raw energy and feeling of sonic nihilism, these kids had that in spades! By their next album the group's personnel would almost completely change and the lyrics would be much more influenced by their fathers. But on this album when the kids were around 9-10 years old, the kids sound almost completely unhindered by adult supervision. Think about it, who is better suited to making a noisy, pure energy music nihilism than untrained punk kids? Because of their lack of any polish, I do admit this sounds much more closely related to No Wave music of late 70's New York than any of the well known old school punk bands. Alternate playing this album with the album "No New York" and I bet you'll find a striking similarity. I once spoke to father and agent Vern Toulon about making a music video for the band, but our distance in miles kept that from being a reality, they did make at least 1 video however called Homeless and it aired occasionally and is now on YouTube. These kids are now young men and almost all of them seem to be continuing in their musical aspirations. Take a look at their page on Wikipedia for more complete information. It is being reported that Vern Toulon ghost wrote most of the material on Get Outta School, which I disagree with. I asked him about that back in 1993 and he suggested the kids wrote most of these songs with some topic suggestions from Vern, and he helped much more on the 2nd album "CIA Drug Fest". The lyrics really are very different on both albums which supports that as well. Here you mostly just hear overly caffeinated kids singing about what's cool to them (hot dogs, pizza, skating, kicking ass) and it makes for some twisted fun. There is already a good post of this album on blogger at Outside My Scene, but I thought I would post a higher bit-rate version and share some of my knowledge and opinions about the group as well. You'll want to go to that page if you want the record cover in it's original layout, I just put this one together for those that like a larger version.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Holidays! Synthetic-"Winter" LP

Hey friends I have a new album available for download at 20kbps rec. at a bit-rate of 32 kbps, and from at 256-320 kbps VBR. It is a selection of mind-numbingly chill music to make you dance or get mellow. 4 dance numbers and 2 very ambient soundscapes for your enjoyment. I cannot easily put the dance numbers into one category, there are elements of IDM, trip hop, ambient, illbient and motorik. 5 of the songs are variations on 2 different themes. The odd track out "Birds Of Doom Winter Dance" is based around a recording of a music software malfunction. "Snow Angels" is a 50+ minute soundscape which I created by stretching a Synthetic tune 5 times in length using Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch software.
32 kbps version
256-320 kbps VBR version