Thursday, May 8, 2008

R.I.P. ?

I was saddened yesterday to discover that a real nice net label that I have released 2 albums on seems to be calling it quits. The label is OUIM they were founded in Bulgaria in 2005 and have consistently offered some very fine electronica from all over the world. The quality is high on every release I have heard from composition to presentation of the final product, with very nice looking cover art and high bit-rate downloads. The label hasn't offered a new release since my early January offering called "Winter LP" and the site says we are closed, sorry. Fortunately all their fine music is still available there to download for free, and I strongly recommend the works highly. For killer modern hard stuff try Death On Glamours LP, and for the most atmospheric ambient check out any of Observation Point's releases. I can only hope, that continued support may bring this fine label back from closure. In the meantime, if someone can recommend a similar net label, I need a new home for my free original music.

UPDATE: I am happy to report they are back and releasing free albums and live sets for your listening enjoyment.

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