Thursday, May 8, 2008

Old Skull-CIA Drug Fest

At the request of a few folks here, I decided to share the 2nd and final album by Old Skull. By the time of this album Jesse Collins-Davies had left the group as well as Graham Lindsey, and Chris and Josh Scott became lead vocals and guitarist. This is the album where father/manager Vern Toulon wrote some of the lyrics. The album was released in 1992, after which they embarked on a Japanese tour but broke up shortly thereafter. The biggest difference in this album from Get Outta School is that there is more polish in the playing and actual chord progressions. The vocals are scratchy and angry enough to impress even Al Jourgensen of Ministry and possibly scare Freddy Krueger. What I miss is the reckless abandon and virtual anarchy of the first LP. Most of these guys have re-appeared in adult musical acts in recent years, although nothing is reported about this LPs lead vocalist and guitarist, if anyone knows what became of Chris and Josh Scott, please leave a comment here. Old Skull's most thorough bio can be found at wikipedia. The cover scan was supplied to by Escapist. If you'd like to hear or read about their first LP (My Favorite) click HERE.

CIA Drug Fest (VBR LAME)


Chris said...

Thanks for this. I'm really looking forward to hearing Pizza man again.

Stitch said...

Thanks man!

little shan said...

Hey! my name is Shannon and Chris Scott is my husband.We would love a copy of that album!! please get ahold of me!

little shan said... name is Shannon Scott. My lucky ass married Chris almost a year ago. We would love a copy of that album!! please get a hold of me!

Mars said...

LOVE 'Get Outta School'. At the time we thought it was hilarious, now I'm actually inspired by the wildness. I know this record ain't gonna touch that, but I'm psyched to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks Man. Just introduced my kid to this.
Had the CD ages ago, must have given it to a
nephew or something.

Mad Max Winston said...

INterviewed by Clay Pigeon