Friday, May 13, 2011

Skip Martin-Perspectives In Percussion Volume 1

This little gem of an album came out on the Somerset budget record label in the early 1960s. I recently bought the album for less than a dollar, and was so pleased when I heard it today. This is quality lounge music, not a single song that I dislike. I believe this will always be in my top 5 favorite lounge LPs from now on. The conductor is Skip Martin and the musicians are top notch session players. I transferred the vinyl to 16 bit waves using a Stanton turntable and cartridge. The waves were created via a Roland Edirol recorder. I made a master CD using Nero with custom EQ, reduced stereo separation, slight noise reduction and subtle fade ins and outs. I am offering this in 160-320k VBR MP3s as well as a FLAC version. There are some slight scratches, but I am very pleased with the overall quality.

download MP3 version

download FLAC version


s7m said...

Thank you very much for putting so much work into the digitalisation and for sharing this fine gem with us. This is pure fun... and so lovely old. :-))

Steve Engler said...

Thank you s7m for the comment, it's nice to get feedback quickly and this was quick. I was pleased to find the record still sounded good, thicker vinyl seems to age much better.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Michigan! Thank you ever so much for this share! My grandma used to play this kind of music, mainly Martin Denny and Les Baxter stuff so getting this is a real treat cause it's similar! It brings back so many wonderful memories of her and grandpa who unfortunately are no longer alive! I'm sure they have a big smile on their faces though, just knowing that I loooove this lounge sound now! Who would have guessed that a guy with a name like Skip Martin could produce this kind of music from the 60's? Hardly sounds exotic, ha! ha! Anyway, thank you so very much and please, have a wonderful day! :)

Steve Engler said...

Thanks Anon from Michigan, lounge music brings back lots of good memories for me too.