Saturday, April 2, 2011

Björk MegaRemix

This is a single continuous mix consisting of Björk remixes. These are some of my personal favorite remixes from this fine artist.

Baenin (Excerpt)
Human Behaviour (Close To Human Mix)
Venus As A Boy (7" Dream Mix)
Come To Me (Black Dog Productions)
Violently Happy (Massey Long Mix)
Army Of Me (Featuring Skunk Anansie)
One Day (Endorphin Mix)
Isobel (Burst Into Flames Mix)
Hyperballad (Fluke Mix)
Enjoy (Dom T Beats Mix)
Smith & Wesson (Stretched Excerpt)
Cover Me (Dillinja Mix)
Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Dub Mix)
I Miss You (Photek Mix)
Big Time Sensuality (Plaid Remix)
Jòga (Buzz Water Mix)
Baenin (Excerpt 2)

The songs overlap slightly so it is offered only as one large megamix mp3. I highly recommend that you purchase your favorite tracks and albums by this very talented artist.

Megamix mp3

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DJ Twisted Sister said...

Awesome...some rare ones in there!