Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spanish Inferno

This LP from the early 1960s was recorded on 4 channel 35mm film.
It is a very expensive and brilliant sounding way to record. This album boasts lush orchestral arrangements of popular Spanish songs like Malaguena and Espana. Little is said about the fine International Pop Orchestra or their conductor Alvarez. But the arrangements fall half way between Classical and Lounge. This was released on the Cameo label which was related to Parkway records where Chubby Checker issued The Twist. I'm sorry the record is scratched and old, but I still think it sounds pretty fine at times. I transferred this from a Stanton turntable to a Roland Edirol wave recorder while adjusting the EQ somewhat. It was rendered to mp3 at 320kbps



MegaMusic said...

Great LP Steve. I am big fan of easy listening. I will be upoading lots of it myself. Brad

Steve Engler said...

Sounds good Brad.