Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kinks Synthetic Fan Mix 3 - The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

This is the final Kinks' album that I have made a special fan mix of, it comes from 4 different digital sources. It was reported that Ray Davies had considered making this a double album when it originally came out. This mix consists of 31 tracks and nearly fills an 80 minute CD. The songs flow together with overlaps, everything is remixed with altered panning and equalization. The Kick drum comes across more clearly than usual, and the hiss from vocals is reduced. This should not replace a real CD of this incredible album. I hope these fan mixes will increase people's desire to buy am authentic copy. This will be offered for a limited time only it is in high quality FLAC format.

Village Green Fan Mix Part 1

Village Green Fan Mix Part 2


Anonymous said...

Can't say how much i'm enjoying these 3 Kinks remix jobs!!! Superb!!! Waterloo Sunset never sounded better!!! (Back in the day i was always the sort who would answer the perennial "Beatles or Stones??" question with a resounding "The Kinks"!!!) Thanks so much for these!!

Steve Engler said...

Thank you for the kind feedback!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've also been enjoying these remixes. I had never heard 'She's Got Everything' before. Absolutely fantastic track. Thanks for all your hard work in making and posting these collections. Long live the Kinks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. VGPS disc 2 sounds especially nice & different. I have bought this album several times over, and this is a fun re-eq!