Monday, March 29, 2010

Kinks Synthetic Fan Mix 1 Face To Face

Face To Face by The Kinks is one of the great rock albums of all time. It is one of the first album oriented rock albums in history. As great as this album is, there were many compromises in the way the album has always been presented. For starters reportedly Ray Davies leader of The Kinks wanted the songs to be tied together more closely and sometimes with sound effects. He also was hoping for a stark black cover as opposed to the somewhat psychedelic cover art that graced the album. I have made a remix that takes the stereo and electronically processed stereo tracks and makes them sound more integrated. I have made a special remixed version of this album that blends the songs together without pauses of silence in between. In many cases I even overlapped the tracks slightly to give it a greater concept album feel. I also adjusted the stereo separation so that songs fit better together. Reducing separation on some tracks so that they sound better paired with the mono tracks. The volume falls in between the 1980's CDs of this album and newer versions distributed by Castle communications. I took the artistic liberty of starting the album with "She's Got Everything" which was recorded during the Face To Face sessions but only released as a B-side a couple of years later. This way the album begins with 2 lively numbers in a row before settling into the introspective feel of the later tracks. After that the album falls into the same track listing as the original UK vinyl release, and has about 4 bonus tracks after that. Purists should be informed that every track was remixed somewhat, so this is mainly just a fan mix of the Face To Face album. I hope this will lead people to go buy one of the official releases of this great album, it is not intended to be a replacement. The cover art was made to more closely reflect what Ray Davies said he wanted for the album. Since this album is in print, I will only offer this remix for a limited time. I strongly suggest that you buy the CD somewhere and treat this as a fan mix only. That being said please enjoy this labor of love. It is in flac format so that the album will keep the smooth continuity.

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