Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ghosts Inc.

This is a project I have been involved in this year, and am extremely proud of. 2 years ago I made an EP of songs that incorporated EVPs (unexplained voices) with electronica music. That album entitled Ghost Suite will be available here before long. Two very talented recording artists, Norbert Croonenberg (HaveMercy) and Mikael Hannson (Colab) decided they would like to remix the songs from my Ghost Suite album and eventually Ghosts Inc. was born. The album that we have so far is 6 songs and they are really something special. Eventually there may be 2-4 more songs on the album, so we are calling this album Sounds From The Attic version 1.0. Our MySpace page is HERE so give us a visit and say hello, I hope you like the album.

download sounds from the attic v 1.0 (320kbps)


mike-floyd said...

Very cool stuff!
Thank you!

Do you mind, if I upload your work on my blog?


Steve Engler said...

That sounds fine, glad you liked it.

M. D. Dalton said...

Hey there I read on another blog that you commented on that you had a recording of the AKA Pygmies that were featured in the soundtrack from the Wenders Film Until The End Of the World! Where did you find this? I have been searching all over for that recording the one that we first here when they are leaving Paris and he puts the tape in the cassette player in the car, anyway just looking for any information on where to get it, anything would help, thank you.

mike-floyd said...

Hi again,

posted GHOST INC. today on

Thanks for sharing.


icastico said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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