Friday, July 18, 2008

Flaming Lips-Hell's Angels Cracker Factory

A few years back, Flaming Lips released a box set which contained most of the LPs and EPs from the early years of their career. Sadly, they did not include the full 23 minute version of their song "Hells' Angels Cracker Factory". It is one of the best pieces included with previous editions of "Telepathic Surgery" LP. This is an ambitious psychedelic song that helps keep the album from sounding too "sold out" or radio friendly. There are lots of things going on to keep the listener interested, and it shows the sort of ambition which would eventually win the group critical acclaim. There is a link listed in the comments section for downloading the full track.


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Shadow33 said...

Thank you very much for this, all the versions that i find don't have this great song, thanks!