Friday, September 19, 2008

Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club

This LP from 1979 features one of the writers of the famous song "Video Killed The Radio Star". Ironically, the song became somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy for Bruce Woolley. He released a rocking version of the song in 1979, but it was eclipsed by The Buggles version thanks to MTV showing their music video repeatedly.
BW&TCC were similar to The Buggles but rocked harder and also featured Thomas Dolby who would become famous very shortly with his solo LPs. The album shows similarities to Bowie, Sparks, Devo, Talking Heads and Brian Briggs. The band is tight and lively and Woolley's singing and lyrics are a lot of fun. The album was released in the US as a self titled LP and released in Europe as "English Garden". Sadly, this classic artifact from the New Wave era is long since out of print, and quite expensive to get on CD. I sincerely hope this will be available again on CD in the future, but until then, here's a copy to enjoy from vinyl.

UPDATE- Bruce Woolley now has 2 web pages that are really worth visiting and joining:

Download Part 1
Download Part 2 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steve Miller Band-Rock Love

This is SMB's 6th album, and thanks to the tendency of music critics to completely "ape" each other, it is his least popular of their first 10 albums. The album gets a bad rep possibly because it is half studio half live recordings, but it is a diverse album with memorable moments. Don't believe all the negative hype behind this record, it is still classic SMB and should be regarded much more highly than it is. The live songs show the side of Steve Miller that later blues/rock guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan would become famous for. The studio tracks are all strong and the tune "Rock Love" is almost pure pop perfection. I am stunned that none of these tracks were released on SMB's box set a few years back, they really don't deserve to be this obscure. I found a copy on Soulseek and it was ok but had too much noise reduction and not enough stereo separation, so I remastered that copy quite a bit, and re-ripped it to LAME 3.98. The artwork was also tweaked a bit, but comes pretty close to the original. I hope you will agree that this is a good album that does not deserve to remain out of print forever.

Rock Love LP in LAME