Thursday, August 30, 2007

Magnetophone-Lost In Edit

4AD is an extremely diverse and rich label that doesn't have many electronica artists affiliated with them. But the ones they do have are sensational: Gus Gus vs. T-world, Minotaur Shock and Magnetophone to name a few of the few. Magnetophone's 2006 release, "The Man Who Ate The Man" is a vibrant, eclectic album full of surprises and rewards. JM Lapham (of The Earlies) came across the music and was so impressed that he offered to make a remix collage of the entire album. 4AD is kind enough to offer a link to downoad this collage called "Lost In Edit" for free. The link is getting increasingly hard to find on their website, so I am offering a link to their link. More information can be found on Magnetophone at the 4AD site, they are a diverse and extremely worthwhile group. I strongly recommend buying Their albums.

LINK to Lost In Edit

Magnetophone's MySpace Page

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Great Lost Kinks Album (and Bonus Track)

Those doggone Kinks, before discovering them, I didn't use to care about having every song by an artist. The Kinks are one of those rare bands that make such consistently great music. I find myself needing to own their entire recorded output. The Great Lost Kinks Album is an album I have owned since childhood, and have found it very hard to acquire all of these songs on CD. I own about 50 separate Kinks CDs, yet some of these songs are still proving to be quite elusive to find. There is another blog called Blues Town, that offers a link to the pure vinyl version exactly as it sounded in 1973. I recommend this link to the vinyl purists out there. For those like myself who want to hear how it might sound if Warner or Castle would ever issue it on CD, I am offering a link to a remastered edition. Only 3 songs on this version are taken from vinyl copies, the rest come from various Castle & Rhino CDs of expanded Kinks albums. A few songs are now in true stereo for the first time with this album. A portion of these tracks were intended to be released on an album to be named "Four More Respected Gentlemen" which was never released. Many of the other tracks were probably intended to be on "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society", which Ray Davies Supposedly originally intended to make into a double LP. Many of these songs only appeared officially as b-sides to import singles. As an album it is not exceptionally strong, and differs greatly from the harder rock that The Kinks were usually known for. It does serve as a nice companion piece to The Kink Kronikles collection. Ray Davies was outraged at Warner/Reprise issuing this LP without his consent, and that is probably why it is such a rare album to this day. But for those of us that appreciate even The Kinks weaker songs, this is a must have LP. "Animals In The Zoo" has been offered as a bonus track, to hopefully make the LP stronger as a whole. It is from the same soundtrack as "The Way Love Used To Be", so it fits in conceptually as well. the album art shown here has been retouched by me so that the album title will be visible at jewel case size. To Ray or Dave and license holder, if you disapprove of this link, I will remove it immediately.

1 Till Death Do Us Part
2. There Is No Life Without Love
3. Lavender Hill
4. Groovy Movies
5. Rosemary Rose
6. Misty Water
7. Mister Songbird
8. When I Turn off the Living Room Light
9. The Way Love Used to Be
10. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
11. Plastic Man
12. This Man He Weeps Tonight
13. Pictures in the Sand
14. Where Did My Spring Go?
15. Animals In The Zoo (Bonus Track)

The Great Lost Kinks Album (LAME VBR mp3s)

Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army (1969)

There are a few folks around here offering either the a-side of this 45 or the b-side. As far as I can tell, no one is offering the complete 45, so here's a link for it. This was put together by some of the same folks who created Crazy Elephant. It is a Kasenetz-Katz production with the help of Ritchie Cordell and the same session players who graced much of the Crazy Elephant LP. Side a is Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army, which was intended to be the theme song for an animated TV series which never happened. Side b is Dark Part Of My Mind (Part 1), part 2 of which was released on a Crazy Elephant single. Dark Part is in my opinion the most psychedelic music produced by The Super K folks, and it really is groovy.

Captain Groovy 45

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte (Electronics Only)

A Closet Of Curiosities has posted a link to an exceptional collection of actual Stockhausen recordings. The sound is superb and the selections are exquisite. The only problem is that Kontakte is broken down into several seamless tracks, which lost their seamlessness in the mp3 transfer. So I'm offering a link to a re-patched, seamless version in one track. The tracks were painstakingly re-joined on Acid Pro 5. This is the version of Kontakte that features Stockhausen's Electronic sound with no orchestral accompaniment. I recommend highly that you check out their link to the complete album, and of course, buy it if you can, it was issued on Verlag. The front cover art here is by me - Steve Engler.

Download Link